Mowing, Spraying & Seeding


The Agricultural Service Board of the County performs roadside mowing along subdivision roads, lagoon sites, solid waste transfer stations and in Hamlets with a 10-foot mower.

Roadside mowing is performed along local roads as time permits.

A large mower pulled by a tractor along the side of a road
Mainroads is responsible for mowing along all primary and secondary highways.
The County of Wetaskiwin follows a 3-year rotation for spraying along the roadside ditches for the control of noxious and prohibited noxious weeds.
roadside spraying (JPG)

The rotation is as follows:

  • 2024 - All township roads
  • 2025 - All range roads, north of Highway 13
  • 2026 - All range roads, south of Highway 13

Other roads may require spot spraying throughout the County, not mentioned above.

Mainroads is responsible for spraying along secondary highways.

Note: Registered pesticides used will be Milestone (Aminopyralid), Aspect (Picloram + 2, 4-D), Escort (Metsulfuron Methyl), Garlon XRT (Triclopyr), Navius (Metsulfuron-methyl + Aminocyclopyrachlor) and Truvist (Chlorsulfuron + Aminocyclopyrachlor).

No Spray Agreement

Under the No Spray Agreement landowners will pay for 1 sign ($75 per sign plus GST) and the County will provide the 2nd sign. The County of Wetaskiwin will be responsible for sign installation. To obtain the No Spray Agreement you can attend in person at the County of Wetaskiwin Administration Office or click on the link below.

Anyone who does not wish to have their roadsides sprayed or any particular portion of their roadside, must complete a No Spray Agreement (PDF) at the County of Wetaskiwin office prior to May 15th. The landowner then accepts the responsibility for the control of weeds on the portion of the roadside indicated on the form.  Once an agreement is in place, the Do Not Spray Policy and Agreement must be renewed annually, by May 15th.  A copy of the renewal form is as follows:  Renewal Form.  Click here to see a copy of the Do Not Spray Policy.


The County of Wetaskiwin seeds newly constructed, regraded, clay capped or shoulder pulled roads. The County uses certified seed to prevent the spread of weeds. These projects are completed in conjunction with the Public Works Department.

Should you wish to purchase Grass Seed, please click here for a listing of Companies where Grass Seed can be purchased.