Water Quality

Water Monitoring

Bigstone, Maskwa and Pipestone Creek water quality monitoring program (developed with the support of Alberta Environment and Parks).

Working Well Program

Working well continues to evolve and the resources available to Alberta residents are outstanding. 


Think of a watershed as a funnel, collecting all the water within a specific area and draining into the nearest body of water.  We all live in a watershed. 

The County of Wetaskiwin is located in the North Saskatchewan River Basin. The Battle River is a sub-basin of the North Saskatchewan River Basin.

The Battle River Watershed Alliance represents the Battle River sub-basin and most of the County of Wetaskiwin is within this watershed. Pigeon Lake is also part of this watershed.

North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance is the WPAC for the remaining area of the County which does not fall within the Battle River sub-basin. Buck Lake and Wizard Lake are included here as well.

For information regarding the active watershed groups in the County of Wetaskiwin, please refer to these websites: