Riparian Assessments

Riparian Health Assessments
Riparian areas are the thin green line along streams, rivers and wetlands. Although they represent a small area of the landscape, they are highly diverse and productive. Healthy riparian areas serve many functions such as:
  • Trapping sediment and pollutants
  • Building and maintaining banks
  • Storing water and recharging aquifers
  • Increasing forage productivity
  • Wildlife habitat - approximately 80% of wild life species in Alberta depend on riparian areas for habitat
  • Protecting our water resources for future generation
What is a Riparian Health Assessment?
  • Survey designed as a simple and objective method of determining overall health of a streamside area, and identifying areas that may need more attention.
  • Roughly 2-hour visual inspection examining riparian vegetation and physical characteristics.
All results are confidential.

For more detailed information, please visit the Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society website.