Strawberry Root Weevil

What Is It?
The strawberry root weevil (Otiorhynchus ovatus) is a dark brown to black beetle with elbowed antennae and a blunt snout. The adult insect is about 6 mm (1 quarter-inch) long.
Strawberry Root Weevil
What's the Problem?
Most complaints about this beetle occur because of their abundance in homes during late spring and late summer. The beetles cannot fly but can be found crawling on walls, floors, ceilings, and items in the home.

What Can I Do?

Although their presence can sometimes cause concern, they do not feed and are harmless.

The best way to control strawberry root weevils around the home is to prevent access by sealing cracks with caulking compound and installing weather stripping.

If some insects still manage to enter your home, use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove them. Spraying with insecticide is not recommended.