Health & Safety

The County of Wetaskiwin is committed to a Health and Safety Program that protects all employees, our property, other workers who enter our property, the general public and the environment.

Our goal is a healthy, injury free work environment for all employees, contractors, visitors, and the general public and by working together in all parts of this program, we can achieve this goal.

Occupational Health & Safety Legislation
Our commitment to safety is in accordance with the standards outlined in the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation. Everyone employed with the County of Wetaskiwin has a responsibility to be aware of, understand and carry out their health and safety responsibilities as they are in the best position to see how their own job could be improved.

Management Responsibilities
Management shall provide leadership, set an example and ensure workers have the tools and resources to carry out their responsibilities as directed by the Health and Safety Program, the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation and all other applicable legislation.

Employee Responsibilities
Most employees practice health and safety as an essential part of their jobs, thus contributing to providing a safer and healthier work environment for themselves, their fellow coworkers, contractors, visitors and the general public. The consistent performance of health and safety responsibilities is a component of performance reviews for workers, supervisors, and managers.

All employees shall become familiar with and comply with the requirements of all policies, procedures and practices as set out in the Health and Safety Program, the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation, and all other applicable legislation as it relates to their work processes.