Millet East / West Fire Department

The Millet East / West Rural Fire Department provides fire services to Millet and area residents, this area also includes a part of the Leduc County.

Operational & Funding Agreement
An operational and funding agreement between the Millet Fire Department, Leduc County and the County of Wetaskiwin was ratified in 2003. This agreement provides for cost-sharing between Wetaskiwin and Leduc for operations and capital equipment purchases.
Six fire rescue vehicles parked at a fire station facility


The Millet East/West Rural Fire Department have at their disposal:
  • 1 Town Pumper
  • 1 Rural Pumper
  • 1 Rapid Response Rural Pumper
  • 1 Rural Brush Truck
  • 1 Rescue Truck
  • 2 Rural Tankers