Fireworks Permits can be obtained from authorized fireworks retailers throughout the County of Wetaskiwin.

Responsibilities of a Fireworks Permit holder:
(County of Wetaskiwin Fire Services By-law & Alberta Fire Code)

It is the responsibility of the Fireworks Permit holder to know the rules and regulations of the municipality in which they will be discharging the fireworks (i.e.: if they need a permit, is there a Fire Ban or Fire Restriction?).
- Municipal websites (where discharging will occur)

A Low Level Fireworks Permit shall be issued by a retail location to a purchaser for the purchase/storage/discharge, for a fee as outlined in the Fees and Charges Bylaw ($10.00/permit).

- A list of retailers can be found on the County website

For more information on High Level Fireworks, see contact information below.

A Low Level Fireworks Permit shall only be valid for the time period expressly indicated on the Fireworks Permit (7 days).

The Director, CAO or Peace Officer may, in their sole discretion, terminate, suspend or cancel a Fireworks Permit at any time. Upon receiving notification of termination, suspension or cancellation of the Fireworks Permit, the Fireworks Permit holder shall immediately extinguish any Fireworks set pursuant to the Fireworks Permit.

A Fireworks Permit is not transferable.

A person who has been issued a Fireworks Permit by an authorized retailer shall:

(a) keep the Fireworks Permit at the site of discharge;

(b) produce and show the Fireworks Permit to a Member or a Peace Officer upon request;

(c) have a responsible person in attendance at the fireworks at all times;

(d) be responsible for any costs incurred by the Fire Department when called upon to extinguish such fireworks if, in the opinion of the Fire Chief or his designate, the fireworks are a hazard to persons or property;

(e) not contravene Section 5.7 of the Alberta Fire Code;

(f) comply to the conditions as outlined on the Fireworks Permit.

Low Level Fireworks are not permitted on County Environmental Reserve properties.

Consent from the landowner of the display site is required by the permit holder (if the permit holder is not the landowner of the display site).

Any false information provided by the permit holder is in contravention of the County of Wetaskiwin Fire Services By-law and may be subject to penalties as per Schedule C.

No person shall discharge fireworks in the County of Wetaskiwin unless a fireworks permit under the County of Wetaskiwin Fire Services By-law has been issued by an authorized retailer.

 No person shall discharge, fire or set off fireworks in a place or in a manner that creates danger or constitutes a nuisance to any person or property, on a highway, road allowance, public beach or park unless they first obtain written permission from the municipal fire department, on a privately owned land unless they first obtain written consent of the owner or occupant of that land and the owner or occupant of neighboring land on which debris might reasonably be expected to fall, and provide a copy of the consent required to the municipal fire department

For more information or questions:

County of Wetaskiwin

Emergency Services Department