Road Maintenance

The County is responsible for all maintenance and construction along the County roadways, subdivisions, hamlets, and bridge structures. The County maintains approximately 1,260 miles (2,028 km) of gravel roads and 75 miles (120 km) of paved/oiled roads.

Please report any safety concerns or situations to the Public Works Call Centre at 780-361-6241 or via email.

  1. Litter Control/Road kill Pick Up
  2. Brushing, Mowing & Spraying

Illegal dumping is commonly found in the County’s rural areas, vacant lots and roadside. Most illegal dumping is done to avoid either fees at transfer stations or the time and effort required for proper disposal.

Illegal dumping of residual waste is more than just an annoyance or an inconvenient eyesore; it unnecessarily costs ratepayers money.

Area residents are urged to report anyone suspected of illegally dumping waste material to Protective Services.

Roadkill (dead animals) on county roads or right of ways can be reported to Public Works Call Centre at 780-361-6241 or via email.

Nov 2014 Brushing on RR 281 north Twp 470
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