Dust Control on Gravel Roads

Dust control is a program the County offers to residents on an annual basis to supress dust on gravel roads. Each year an application form can be submitted with payment to the Administration Office.

As per Dust Capping Policy 3201 (PDF), any resident wishing to have an application of dust control must submit a completed Application Form (PDF), along with payment of $4.00 per lineal metre plus GST, to the County of Wetaskiwin administration office by June 1st. Application forms and flags are available from:
  • Buck Lake Hardware - 780-388-2450
  • Falun Co-op - 780-352-3548
  • Seely's General Ltd. - Alder Flats 780-388-3889
Applications and payment must be received no later than June 1 of each calendar year. Late applications may not be considered. If a late application is approved (i.e. post June 1), the fee shall be $6.50 per lineal metre (plus GST), a non-subsidized rate.

County crews will apply calcium chloride after the spring road bans have been lifted and will not be applied after September 1 of each year.

More Information

Contact the Public Works Department at 780-352-3321 or toll free at 800-661-4125 or via email for more information.

Note: Residents living in the County of Wetaskiwin and along a gravelled provincial road, can apply to the County for dust control on Provincial Highways at the same rates and conditions effective to local County roads. The County will provide an annual list to Alberta Transportation detailing the work and location of the dust control applications. The County therefore shall perform the work once formal approval is received from Alberta Transportation for work on their roadways.All other conditions regarding dust control activities on local County roads shall apply.