Snowplowing of County Roads & Driveways

“Please be advised that Effective September 1, 2018 the County will no longer offer the SNOWPLOWING OF PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL DRIVEWAY PROGRAM.

At the May 8, 2018 Council for Public Works meeting, Council resolved to discontinue the SNOWPLOWING OF PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL DRIVEWAY PROGRAM, therefore rescinding the related Policy #3218.  The County strives to limit their work to public property and leave private property work to private enterprise.

The County of Wetaskiwin will reimburse ratepayers who return previously purchased unused snowplow flags. 

Private Contractors who are willing to provide snowplowing services in the County of Wetaskiwin are advised to contact the Public Works Department at the County office so that their name can be advertised on the County website.

The following companies have registered with the County:

Diamond S Bobcat Services
Contact Sheldon Hanson at 780-387-6294 (Wetaskiwin - Millet area)

Prairie Erectors International Inc.
Contact Dean at 780-818-1106 or call the office at 780-955-8888 (Mulhurst area)

Prograde Services Ltd.
Contact Coleton Pohl at 780-935-4041(Wetaskiwin area and HWY 2A East)

Wolfster Contracting
Contact Wolfgang Hoffmann at 780-335-9653 (HWY 2 East)

Devin Jensen
Contact Devin Jensen at 780-314-8899 (Wetaskiwin - Millet area)

Lane Anderson
Contact Lane Anderson at 780-312-4983 (Wizard Lake, Falun, Mulhurst, Pipestone and Battle Lake area)

C&S Consulting
Contact Rob Cleland at 780-352-1430 (Wetaskiwin/Millet area)

Wes Hiller
Contact West at 780-387-4873 or 780-362-2450 (Bobcat Service for East of HWY 2)

D&S Watson Contracting
Contact David or Susan Watson at 780-202-3000 or 780-202-3737 (Alder Flats/ Buck Lake area)

Millet All Weather Services
Contact Cory Wagner at 778-674-7081 (Millet area)

Serpico Enterprises Ltd.
Contact Trent at 780-621-3473 (Alder Flats to Winfield area)

Wheale Fencing
Contact Trevor Wheale at 780-898-0205 (Winfield area)

Klaus Custom Farming
Contact Klaus at 780-898-3377 or (Alder Flats/Buck Lake area)
Tractor operated snow blower

Graceland Bobcat Services
Contact Randy Grace at 780-898-5823 (Winfield, Buck Lake and Alder Flats area)

Forest Fresh Firewood & Lawn Care
Contact Chuck at 780-335-4382 or (Highway 2 East)

Grass Barber Lawn Maintenance Ltd.
Contact Richelle Sweet at 780-918-0334 or Christopher Sweet at 780-918-7329
or (Pigeon Lake area)

Please call Brian Anderson, Assistant Director at 780-361-6244 or 1-800-661-4125 (toll free) for more information.”

Public Waivers

In recognizing the contribution that residents make to their community through local Community Centres, Agricultural Societies, Public Places of Worship (churches) and Cemeteries, the County supports these volunteer agencies through the provision of snowplowing services at no charge upon presentation of a letter of request and waiver form (PDF).