Recycling Roundup

The County holds a Recycling Roundup annually in June at two locations; Lakedell School and Main Street Millet.

The Recycling Roundup accepts a variety of products including paint products, electronics, used oil and household hazardous waste. Household hazardous waste (HHW) are the toxic, flammable, corrosive, and reactive products generated from households. 

The Recycling Roundup only accepts HHW from residences; they are not accepted from other entities such as commercial, industrial, or business generators. Other hazardous materials such as lead acid batteries, propane tanks and canisters, etc. will not be accepted at the Recycling Roundup.

To learn which specific products are eligible and ineligible; 

Currently, the County’s nine transfer stations accept properly labelled paint in the original container and electronic waste. Recently, Alberta Recycling has expanded the household electronics collection program to accept small electronics including small appliances, audio visual, telecom, power tools, video games and toys. This program is available at all County transfer stations. 

The Peace Hills site is the only registered site that receives oil, oil filters and containers. 

County transfer station sites are not currently set up to receive hazardous waste. The Leduc Waste Management Facility and Ambleside EcoStation in South Edmonton will accept hazardous waste from outside residents. Charges will apply at these facilities.