Gwynne Truck Fill

Bulk Water Sales

The bulk water sale system has been upgraded at the fill station from swipe cards to a pin pad system. The new system will continue to offer 24/7 service.


Each User will be required to fill out a one-time application which includes a requirement for a Pin Number to be provided by the User. Applications can be obtained at the County Administration Building, completed on-line or emailed by request. Once the application has been received by the County, the User will be set up in the new system and will be provided an Access Code.  Each User will be required to enter both the Access Code and Pin Number to gain access at the truck fill.  The Pin Pad at the truck fill will provide the User with their balance in cubic metres (1 cubic metre = 220 imperial gal). Pin Pad instructions are posted at the truck fill. 

Accounts will not be fully activated until payment and/or outstanding swipe card balances have been applied to the account.

Old Swipe Cards:

Balances from the old swipe cards in the User’s possession are not automatically transferred to the new system.  Users must bring the swipe cards to the County office where the card reader will read the outstanding balance which will then be applied to the users account.


The new system will be a pre-pay system as it currently is with the swipe cards. There will be no payment maximum in the new system. Payments can be made in person and on-line through telebanking or Option Pay (credit card). In person payments will take 1-2 business days to process and payments received through on-line telebanking or Option Pay (credit card) may take up to 3-4 business days to process. Payments will be applied as a credit into the new system and account balances (cubic metres) can be accessed on the Pin Pad at the truck fill.

On-Line Payments: Telebanking or Option Pay - In your bank payment set-up, please create new payee under County of Wetaskiwin, select 'Utility' option and use Account Number 999931

The water at the Gwynne Truck Fill is a shared potable water supply that serves the residents of Gwynne including the Gwynne School, and the Truck Fill Customers. Potable and Non potable tanks may be filled at this station, but an air gap MUST be maintained between the dispensing hose and tank being filled, as per Alberta Environment and Parks regulations. This Air Gap will prevent cross contamination as well as prevent a back siphon condition. The flexible dispensing hoses are staggered so that the longer north hose is intended for smaller vehicles, and the shorter south hose is intended for larger vehicles.

The county is recommending truck fill customers build an ABS or PVC pipe extension piece 6” in diameter or greater. The length of the extension piece will vary from customer to customer depending on different tank height and vehicle set ups. The north hose (longer hose) is meant for smaller vehicles and the south hose (shorter hose) is meant for taller vehicles. As shown in the photos below, the extension pieces can be supported with threaded rod.

Gwynne Truck Fill Instructions