Transfer Stations

The County operates nine (9) waste transfer stations, and is a member of the West Dried Meat Lake Landfill.  All waste from the transfer stations is hauled to the West Dried Meat Lake Landfill.  Residents are able to access the West Dried Meat Lake Landfill but since the landfill is not a County run facility, fees will apply.

The gates at the transfer stations are locked during non-operational hours.  Leaving waste and recyclables outside the locked gates is strictly prohibited.

The transfer stations use a bin/ramp system where all items have to be hand-bombed into the bins.  There is no accommodation for hoist dumping. A variety of recycling options are available at the transfer stations.

Transfer Station Map (PDF)_201503111623569959
  1. Hours of Operation
  2. Driving Directions
  3. Acceptable Items
  4. Items Not Accepted
  5. Transfer Station Cards
  6. Disposal Fees
  7. Summer Village Users
  8. Town of Millet Residents

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Transfer Station Hours