Strategic & Business Planning

Council has a Strategic and Business Planning workshop as part of the budget process to guide the organization's day to day operations and plan for the future. Part of the planning process includes the development of the vision, mission and values for the organization.


Strong Proactive Leadership, Safe Progressive Communities.


The County of Wetaskiwin provides transparent governance in the allocation of resources to deliver quality services in a sustainable manner.

Core Values

  • Ethical:  Ensure and promote integrity, honesty and accountability in all our dealings.
  • Service-Focused:  Provide services reliably, effectively and efficiently.
  • Leadership: Provide leadership to establish respect and promote trust through a teamwork concept.
  • Safety: Provide safe, healthy and productive work environments and promote job satisfaction.
  • Collaboration: Promote communication and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Sustainability: Conduct all our business with fiscal responsibility to ensure long-term sustainability.