Previous Interns

The County of Wetaskiwin is a proud supporter of the Municipal Internship Program. Since 2006, the County has hosted 14 interns in the administrative, planning and finance streams. Below are a few quotes on each former intern's experience with the County of Wetaskiwin. Please feel free to contact the County any time to speak to Jeff Chipley, Assistant CAO 780-361-6223.

Ben Cowan - Administrative Intern: 2019-2020

Current Position: Legislative Services Coordinator, City of Camrose
What he enjoyed most about his internship with the County:
"The County offers interns a wide-range of unique, challenging, and enjoyable experiences, and there's always an opportunity to learn and develop while working with individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in their fields. That being said, the best part about working as an intern with the County is the freedom to ask questions about what's happening, offer a different perspective or solution to an issue, and see the impact that a new way of looking at things might have on the way the County operates. The County takes pride in asking all employees for their input and suggestions, and helping individuals develop through seeing their ideas come to fruition."

Naomi Finseth - Administrative Intern: 2018-2020

Current Position: Communications Officer, County of Wetaskiwin
What she enjoyed most about her internship at the County of Wetaskiwin:
"I have loved my time as an intern at the County of Wetaskiwin. The County has a unique approach to the internship that allowed for significant flexibility and diversity of experiences. Every day is different with new challenges and opportunities. Being an intern has given me many "boots on the ground" experiences and has deepened my knowledge of local government. I am passionate about rural communities and working for one has reinforced my belief that there are many opportunities to learn and success in your community. You never know what amazing job could be waiting for you in your local municipality." 

Naomi Finseth

Chantel Grant - Finance Officer Intern: 2016-2018

Current Position: Accountant, City of Camrose
What she enjoyed most about her internship at the County of Wetaskiwin:
“The Municipal Internship Program allowed me to pursue my goal of working towards attaining my Chartered Professional Accountant Designation in a means that is unique to most. The program gave me the opportunity to gain a broad range of knowledge in municipal government followed by an in depth look at the finance department and its various functions. I have had the opportunity to work alongside both the Accountant and Director of Finance to achieve my practical experience that is needed for my designation. Overall, my experience has been challenging, educational and rewarding.”

intern pic

Larissa Hepp - Administrative Intern: 2015-2016

Current Position: Policy Analyst, Intergovernmental Affairs, Sturgeon County
What she enjoyed most about her internship at the County of Wetaskiwin: 
"The County of Wetaskiwin has a robust corporate culture and is an exemplary host for the Municipal Internship Program. The program has enabled me to gain extensive knowledge of municipal government and administration through hands-on learning experiences and opportunities with experts in the field. Being exposed to a variety of departments and projects allowed me to find areas of interest and enhance my professional growth. The internship program is ideal for gaining experience in government and I strongly encourage other graduates to apply." 


Jeff Chipley - Administrative Intern: 2014-2016

Current Position: Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, County of Wetaskiwin
What he enjoyed most about his internship at the County of Wetaskiwin:
"Being a Municipal Intern at the County of Wetaskiwin is one of the best experiences that I have had the opportunity to take part in as a person interested in the exciting world of municipal government and administration. With the countless opportunities, experiences, and projects that I have been able to be a part of during my time here at the County, I know that my learning experiences on how municipalities operate to best serve our residents across a wide variety of departments have been second to none."

Jeff Chipley

"With a fun and cordial corporate culture, along with the County's proven track record on hosting successful interns, I have been able to grow both as a person and professional alongside my colleagues as a contributing member to the organization, while also being supported and mentored by some of the most highly regarded professionals in the municipal world. If you want to have a great experience in the Municipal Internship Program, the County of Wetaskiwin is the place to be!"

Tess Jorgensen - Administrative Intern: 2013-2014

Current Position:
What she enjoyed most about her internship at the County of Wetaskiwin:
"The Internship program has been a great way to gain insights and understand just what local government is all about. You get to see behind the curtain and assist in so many ways; much more than if you were working in just one department. The year here at the County has been invaluable in experiences for all things government. I would highly recommend those interested in government to apply for the internship program."

Tess Jorgensen

Sarah Harper - Administrative Intern: 2012-2014

Current Position: Legislative Officer, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
What she enjoyed most about her internship at the County of Wetaskiwin:
"For anyone who is enthusiastic, willing to try something new, and looking for a fun experience, this internship is for you. I came in with limited knowledge but hungry to learn, and have been blown away by how much I have learned and how many amazing opportunities the County and its staff have provided me. The incredible variety of project work and areas of involvement ensure that interns at the County develop a well rounded understanding of municipal management. The County of Wetaskiwin has a corporate culture that creates a fun learning environment, and an administrative team that provides unparalleled mentorship in the field of municipal government management. This program is one of a kind."

Sarah Harper

Chantelle Kilbourn - Planning Intern: 2010-2012

Current Position: Senior Environmental Planner and Consultant, Green Plan Ltd. Environmental Consultants.

Chantelle Kilbourn

Iain McLean - Administrative Intern: 2010-2011

Current Position: Project Lead, Elections and Census, City of Edmonton

Iain McLean

Kristen Tuff - Administrative Intern: 2009-2010

Current Position: Appeals and Policy Coordinator/Legislative & Legal Services, Rocky View County
What she enjoyed about doing her internship at the County of Wetaskiwin:
"My favourite part about doing my internship at the County of Wetaskiwin has definitely been my experience in working with the staff. Everyone is extremely generous with their knowledge and are always excited to get me involved in any project that I show interest in. Managers show confidence in me and are constantly open to letting me take key roles in important projects. I feel free to be creative and am constantly learning new things both about local government management and about myself."

Kristen Tuff

Shelley Der - Planning Intern: 2008-2010

Current Position: Planning Advisor, Government of Alberta
What she enjoyed about doing her internship at the County:
"My internship with the County of Wetaskiwin has been a fantastic experience. I’ve had great mentors and co-workers that have helped to provide me with valuable knowledge in planning and development. The variety of work offered to me has also helped my confidence since I have had many opportunities to take the lead role in many projects. Through my experience in the internship, I will have the applied knowledge and skills that I will need to succeed in my career in municipal government."

Shelley Der

Alan Greene - Administrative Intern: 2008-2009

Current Position: Business Development Manager, Switch Inc.
What he enjoyed most about doing his internship at the County of Wetaskiwin:
"My time with the County of Wetaskiwin was incredible. From the leadership down they have an amazing team that makes you feel welcome. Frank, Rod, and all of the directors are very knowledgeable and they do their best to ensure you get the most out of your experience. If they feel there is a conference, meeting, event, or activity that would be beneficial to you, they try their best to bring you along. The Staff at the County are a close group with a corporate culture that is second to none."

Alan Greene

Adam Tittemore - Administrative Intern: 2007-2008

Current Position: City Clerk, City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Adam Tittemore was a municipal administration intern with the County of Wetaskiwin during the 2007/08 program year. Following his year in the program he moved into the Research Officer position within the Finance Department, and in 2011 became the Director of Emergency Services for the County.  In 2013 he moved back to his home province of Saskatchewan, taking on the role of CAO for the Rural Municipality of Corman Park, which surrounds the City of Saskatoon, as well as the cities of Martensville and Warman, and three smaller urban municipalities.  In 2021 he accepted a position as the City Clerk for the City of Saskatoon, which as one of two civic employees reporting to City Council manages all legislative operations, governance, and elections for the City.  The County of Wetaskiwin was an amazing place to learn, and the mentorship received from all staff was unmatched, notably that of then CAO Frank Coutney and now CAO Rod Hawken. Lasting memories and skills learned during participation in the internship program and subsequent time with the County are a testament to the quality and culture of the organization, and it is second to none as a place to work.

Adam Tittemore

Cam Mills - Administrative Intern: 2006-2007

Current Position: Management Consultant, BJK Holdings Ltd.
What he enjoyed about doing his internship at the County of Wetaskiwin:
"During my initial internship at the County of Wetaskiwin I was exposed to the full spectrum of the County’s operations. I had the opportunity to work closely with managers in every field: Administration, Finance, Economic Development, etc. The County understood that my internship needed to be about more than just watching things happen; they knew that I needed to have the chance to contribute to the organization. I was given the opportunity to take on key roles in some very important projects."

Cam Mills

"My most memorable project was working on securing grant funding from the Provincial and Federal levels of government. With the help of staff from several departments, I put together proposals that resulted in the County obtaining millions of dollars in funding for important infrastructure projects spanning several years. I was given real responsibility and hands on experience, and because of that I learned what it takes to succeed in municipal government and as a manager."