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  1. Assessment Information Request

    To request an assessment from the Assessment Department.


  1. FCSS Equine Therapy Group Survey

    FCSS Equine Therapy Group Children's Evaluation Ages 8-12 Winter/Spring 2021

  2. FCSS Counselling Evaluation, Client Survey - Sessions 1 & 4 Follow-up

    Individuals receiving subsidized Counselling Services are required to complete a short survey after their first and fourth visit with... More…

  1. FCSS Babysitting Course Evaluation

    FCSS Babysitting Course Evaluation

  2. FCSS Home Alone Course Evaluation

    FCSS Home Alone Course Evaluation

Protective Services

  1. Dog Complaint Form

    Dog Complaint Form

Public Works

  1. Application for Children Playing Warning and Cautionary Signs as per Policy 32.1.7
  2. Dust Control Application Form

    I, the undersigned, hereby apply to the County of Wetaskiwin No. 10 for an application of Dust Control for the purposes of controlling... More…

  3. Permit for Third Party - Private Dust Control

    Application form to use a third party contractor to apply dust control in front of your property. Once the form and payment has been... More…

  4. Temporary Road Closure Application
  1. Application for Road Use Agreement
  2. Dust Control Suppression on Viola Beach Drive

    Administration has received complaints from residents in Viola Beach Drive requesting the County discontinue the dust control... More…

  3. Report a Concern for Public Works Department

    For non-emergency public works maintenance concerns, such as potholes, rough roads, culvert/ditching/drainage issues, signage (faded... More…