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  1. Ambassador's Information Session

    The Ambassador's Information Session (AIS or Ambassador's Day for short) has been a fixture of the County of Wetaskiwin since 2003. The purpose of AIS is to bring the entire County team (staff and Council) together for team building, professional development and an all around good time. AIS has been cancelled the last 2 years due to COVID-19. 

    AIS 2022 will be held on Friday, March 25 at the Reynolds Alberta Museum. It will start at 9:00 a.m. and will go until 3:30 p.m. Lunch will be provided. There will be no COVID-19 restrictions in place, however, if you wish to mask you are free to. 

    Historically, AIS has been a mandatory event for all staff. This year it is highly encouraged that you attend AIS, however, due to the recent lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, if you are unable or uncomfortable attending AIS you will not be required to attend. If you don't attend AIS it is expected that you will still work your regular shift that day. 

    Please respond to the RSVP below by March 2, 2022, to identify if you will be attending this years AIS . 

  2. Will you be attending the Ambassador's Information Session on Friday, March 25?*
  3. If you are not attending AIS in person, would you be interested in attending via Zoom?

    We do not have confirmation yet if Zoom will be an option but we are looking into it's feasibility. 

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