Agricultural Development

Agricultural Development Canola field and farm

In the Agricultural district, development permits are required for: 

  • Dwellings units  
  • Intensive animal and intensive agricultural uses 
  • Buildings directly associated with these uses
  • Farm buildings within the City and County of Wetaskiwin Intermunicipal Development plan 
  • Discretionary uses under the Agricultural district 

To know if your proposed development(s) are within the required district, you may access an online digital County map to view the entire County, including your specific property.  

Types of Agricultural Development:

  • Intensive Agriculture - means agricultural uses which are intensified or specialized in nature. This use includes, but is not limited to, horse breeders and/or trainers, cow-calf operators, exotic animal breeders, greenhouses, market gardens, fruit farms, tree farms and horticulture operations.
  • Extensive Agriculture - means agricultural uses including but not limited to cultivation of grains, oilseeds, forage, pasture and/or grazing of cattle or other animals.