How do I fill at Gwynne bulk water station?

Bulk Water Filling Instructions: 

(NOTE: User may need to push the start button more than once to activate) 

 Select Potable or Non Potable 
 Insert Card Face Up 
 Enter Volume in Litres 
 Press # 
 Press # 
 Press Start 
 Press Stop Anytime to Stop 
 Don’t Forget Your Card 
 Lock Cabinet When Finished 
**The County will not be responsible for lost or stolen cards.** 
The water at the Gwynne Truck Fill is a shared potable water supply that serves the residents of Gwynne including the Gwynne School and the Truck Fill Customers. Potable and Non potable tanks may be filled at this station, but an air gap MUST be maintained between the dispensing hose and tank being filled, as per Alberta Environment and Parks regulations. This Air Gap will prevent cross contamination as well as prevent a back siphon condition. The flexible dispensing hoses are staggered so that the longer north hose is intended for smaller vehicles, and the shorter south hose is intended for larger vehicles.  

The County is recommending truck fill customers build an ABS or PVC pipe extension piece 6” in diameter or greater. The length of the extension piece will vary from customer to customer depending on different tank height and vehicle set ups. The north hose (longer hose) is meant for smaller vehicles and the south hose (shorter hose) is meant for taller vehicles. As shown in the photos below, the extension pieces can be supported with threaded rod.

Further questions can be directed to the Utilities Foreman at 780-361-6241. 

Gwynne Truck Fill Instructions

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