All County of Wetaskiwin transfer stations are registered collection sites for electronics and paint through the Alberta Recycling Program. 

Alberta Recycling Electronics Expanded 

  • On May 11, 2020, the Alberta Environment Minister announced its approval of ARMA’s Electronics Expansion Pilot Project.
  • September 1, 2020 all County of Wetaskiwin transfer stations began accepting the expanded list of electronics. This pilot program will be available for two years. 
  • Visit ARMA’s Electronics Expansion Pilot Project for more information about this program or Alberta Recycling Expanded Electronics for the list of acceptable items.
Pilot Project

4-H Tire Recycling

  • 4-H clubs are able to fundraise through the Alberta Recycling tire collection initiative. Contact Alberta Recycling for details in participating in this program. 
  • Buck Lake, Gwynne, Lakedell and Mulhurst transfer stations are registered tire collection sites.
  • 4-H clubs are required to provide at least a week’s notice by emailing Public Works to ensure that bins are in place or the tire marshalling areas cleared out before a large amount of tires arrive at our sites. This notice provides the drop-off of the tires to go more smoothly for the 4-H club and the transfer station attendants.
  • ALL RIMS MUST BE REMOVED. The tire processor will not accept any tires with rims.

Other Recycling Options