Seasonal Docks

Through Council direction given May 11, 2017, the County of Wetaskiwin No. 10 does not currently issue an approval for the placement of seasonal structures within Lakes in the County where the County is the upland landowner. 

Most properties near a lake do not share a boundary directly with the lake. Usually a titled parcel of land separates a residential property from the lake. These parcels are called Environmental or Municipal Reserves and they are titled, owned and administered by the local municipality.

The purpose of Reserve parcels are to maintain public access and provide a buffer area between developed areas and the lake. They are generally required to be maintained in a natural state, therefore, must not be altered.

Approvals & Regulatory Requirements

In Alberta, water bodies and shore lands fall under the jurisdiction of the Provincial government.

Landowners must obtain authorization before modifying shorelands. This ensures that:

  • all aquatic and water resource management issues are reflected in the approval
  • any unanticipated issues are addressed before construction
  • construction does not occur during sensitive times when fish spawn or birds nest

For further information on docks and other lakeshore activities visit the Government of Alberta’s Environment and Parks website or call AEP at 780-427-7617. To call toll-free in Alberta, dial 310-0000 then the phone number.

More Information

If you have any questions you can contact the County's Planning and Economic Development Department at 780-352-3321. You may also wish to review the following downloads for further information: