How do I read a range road/township sign?

The County is divided into blocks called Townships, which are six miles by six miles (a total area of 36 square miles). The east/west borders of these blocks are called Township lines and the north/south borders are called Range lines. Grid lines within the blocks are one mile apart. The last number on each road sign designates the mile (or gridline) within the block, and the first one or two numbers designate the Range or Township. The gridlines within Ranges are numbered from right to left (east to west) and within Townships from bottom to top (south to north).

Twp Rge Rd Grid

Generally, roads are built on each Range Line (roads are one mile apart going west or east) and every two Township Lines (roads are two miles apart going north or south).

Maps are available from the County of Wetaskiwin showing the Range and Township Lines at a cost of $20.00 each, plus GST. 

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1. What is a range road/township sign?
2. How do I read a range road/township sign?
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