What is the appeal process for a Development or Safety Codes Permit?
The appeal process for a development permit being refused requires it to be heard by the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB). The Board is independent from the Development and Subdivision Authority. The SDAB makes decisions in an impartial manner and applies the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness, which includes but is not limited to: the right to a public hearing; a duty to be fair; the right for all affected parties to be heard; the right to an adjournment if the SDAB determines it is merited; and the right to legal counsel. A letter of appeal along with the fee can be submitted to the CAO of the County of Wetaskiwin. The Safety Codes Council provides a fair and transparent appeals process of orders, refusals, suspensions and cancellations, in accordance with the Safety Codes Act. The Appeals process is a formal hearing process that allows a person or corporation named in an order, refusal, suspension, or cancellation, to file a notice of appeal with the Coordinator of Appeals within 35 days of service of an order or within 30 days of service of a refusal, suspension, or cancellation notice. To be considered, your notice of appeal must be submitted with the appropriate appeal fee and within the applicable time frame. Your appeal to the Safety Codes Council must be in writing and signed. The following link includes details on appeal fees, timelines to appeal and items that cannot be appealed:Appeal Process

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