I live in a multi-lot subdivision; how many animals can I have?

If your home is part of a piece of land that was initially a quarter section (160 acres) but has been divided into more than three lots for primarily residential use, as outlined in a specific plan, here's what the rules say: 

If your land falls under categories like Rural Residential, Country Residential, or Restricted Country Residential. 

You are allowed to have more than fifty (50) individual animals based on the Agricultural Operations Practice Act's (AOPA) requirement of an animal unit, calculated as Acre(s) x 0.44. 

However, when it comes to poultry units, you can only have a maximum of fifty (50) birds per animal unit/acre. On top of that, each acre gets an animal unit, which could be, for example, 2 goats or 1 horse. 

You may use the  Animal Units Calculator to determine how many animals are allowed on your property based on your parcel size and the type of animal.

***Disclaimer: Please note that the Animal Unit Calculator will automatically download when accessed via Google Chrome. If using Microsoft Edge, please initiate the download by clicking the blue download button at the top of the Excel page. Also, note that the Animal Unit Calculator may have limited compatibility on mobile devices.