What are the application requirements?

As per Municipal Planning Services’ website, requirements include:  

  • Application Fee  
  • Application for Subdivision (must be completed in full and signed)  
  •  Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Abandoned Wells Statement (whichever is applicable)  
  •  Authorization for Electronic Communication   
  •  Information about Sewage Disposal System(s) **To be completed for each private sewage disposal system on the subject property**  
  • Landowner Letter of Authorization **Must accompany all applications where the applicant is not the landowner OR where there is more than one registered landowner.  Please note that signatures are required for ALL registered landowners**  
  • Certificate of Title (obtained within 3 months of the submission of the application) **Please note that if one is not provided, we may acquire one on your behalf for a fee**  
  • Tentative Plan of Subdivision (with area and dimensions of the proposed lot(s) and remainder parcel)  
  • An orthophoto of the subject site (including proposed and remainder parcels)  
  • Any other items or information identified during pre-submission consultation.    

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