What do I need to submit with my development permit application?

The required documents may vary depending on what the proposed development is; however, majority of development permit applications require:

  • Completed development permit application form, 
  • Drawings (blueprints),
  • Floor plan, 
  • CSA Certification for all Mobile and Modular Homes,
  • Site plan, and 
  • All application fee(s) to be paid in full. 

Applications are NOT considered complete until ALL of the required information and fees have been provided. An incomplete application form and/or illegible supporting information may result in the application being returned to the applicant. Please refer to the checklist on the back of the application. Fees will be determined after application is considered complete.

Click here to contact the Planning and Development department for any questions regarding the application or application process. 

Site Plan Example:

Site Plan

Examples of drawings/measurements required: 


Shed Floor Plan R2 (002)

Garage Floor Plan R2 (002)House Floor Plan R2

Planning and Development Applications

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