Can I use my Recreational Unit (RV) to stay in if don’t have a house on my property?

Yes, you can use your Recreational Unit (RV) to stay on your property if there's no permanent house. However, there are some conditions:

  1. Recreational Unit use is allowed as a discretionary use in certain land use districts.
  2. You need a Development Permit for a maximum of 3 years to use your RV on the property.
  3. If you want to continue using the RV beyond the initial 3 year period, you must reapply for the permit before it expires.
  4. If there's a new application that changes the land use, you must remove the RV.

For information about permit fees, you can refer to Schedule C of the Fees & Charges Bylaw.

RV use for a 3-year term is only allowed in the following districts:

  • Lakeshore Residential
  • Wizard Lake Watershed
  • Recreational (subject to Section 10.21 Recreational District)
  • Watershed Protection (greater than 32. ha (80 ac) only)
  • Agricultural (greater than 32. ha (80 ac) only)
  • Severed Agricultural (greater than 32. ha (80 ac) only)

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