Transfer Stations & Recycling

The County operates nine (9) waste transfer stations, and is a member of the
West Dried Meat Lake Landfill. West Dried Meat Lake Landfill is not a County run facility and fees will apply.

The gates at the transfer stations are locked during non-operational hours.  Leaving waste and recyclables outside the locked gates is strictly prohibited.

The transfer stations use a bin/ramp system where all items have to be hand-bombed into the bins.  There is no accommodation for hoist dumping. A variety of recycling options are available at the transfer stations.

Acceptable Items and Recycling Options
ALL household garbage must be bagged.

The following wastes are not accepted at the waste transfer stations:

• animal carcasses, hides or animal parts • automobiles • automobile batteries • hazardous & bio-hazardous waste • campers, RV’s & boats; compost • concrete, concrete blocks and rocks • dynamite • fluorescent tubes • liquid waste including pesticides • antifreeze •camping fuel or other flammable liquids • sewage •any toxic liquid • munitions • poisons; seeds or grains • toxic weeds • tree stumps.

Hours of Operation

Transfer Station Schedule
ALL transfer stations are closed for statutory holidays.  Watch the website and Pipestone Flyer newspaper for Christmas scheduled hours.

Transfer Station User Cards

  • Transfer station cards are required by all users entering any of the County transfer stations. Persons who are not County ratepayers do not have access to the transfer stations.
  • Transfer station user cards will be mailed to all County ratepayers each year in May. The user card expires on August 31 of the following year.
  • Any County ratepayer requiring a new/additional card for family members or renters can obtain these by contacting the Utility Clerk and filling out a User Card application.

Ratepayers disposing of any items noted under the Waste Disposal Fees in the Solid Waste Management Policy 40.3.3, will be required to sign an Agreement for Transfer Station Charges at the transfer station. Ratepayers are ultimately responsible for their renter’s charges if payment is forfeited.  NO MONEY is accepted at the transfer stations; charges are invoiced monthly.

Summer Village of Ma-Me-O Beach Residents
Ma-me-o Beach residents have access only to the Lakedell transfer station.  A bin has been designated at the Lakedell transfer station and recyclable items may be dropped off.  Residents must present the user card issued by the Summer Village office to the transfer station attendant. Residents disposing of any items noted under Waste Disposal Fees in the Solid Waste Management Policy 40.3.3, will be required to sign an Agreement for Transfer Station Charges at the transfer station.  The charges are invoiced monthly by the County.

Town of Millet Residents
Town of Millet residents have access only to the East Millet transfer station.  A $20 charge applies to each standard pick-up truck box, or portion thereof; $10 per mattress.  Mattresses must be on a separate voucher.  Vouchers must be presented to the transfer station attendant and can be purchased at the Town of Millet administration office or Rexall Drug Store in Millet (cash only at drug store).

Disposal Fees

Disposal fees are charged for certain items, as outlined in the Solid Waste Management Policy 40.3.3.

4-H Tire Recycling

  • The County of Wetaskiwin has a number of transfer stations that are registered collection sites for the Alberta Recycling and 4-H Tire Recycling program.  
  • 4-H clubs are requested to provide at least a week’s notice to ensure that bins are in place or the tire marshalling areas cleared out before a large amount of tires arrive at our sites.  This notice provides the drop-off of the tires to go more smoothly for the 4-H club and the transfer station attendants.
Please notify the Utilities Foreman or the Public Works department:

Other Recycling Options