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Posted on: June 19, 2024

Weed Inspection Season

Weed Inspection

The County of Wetaskiwin has hired 5 new Weed Inspectors for the 2024 season.  As inspections are underway, the County appreciates the efforts of residents and landowners in managing weeds on their property. Below is important information regarding the weed inspection process in the County of Wetaskiwin.

The County of Wetaskiwin has been delegated the authority by the Province of Alberta, under the Weed Control Act, for weed control, inspection, and enforcement within its boundaries. The Agricultural Service Board of the County of Wetaskiwin performs these services on all properties in the County of Wetaskiwin. The Service Board hires Weed Inspectors from May until September to perform these duties, including issuing a Weed Inspection Report or Weed Notice, as required. 

What are Prohibited Noxious and Noxious Weeds?

Prohibited Noxious Weeds are plants designated in accordance with the Weed Control Act and includes the plant’s seeds. Under the Act a person has the responsibility to destroy prohibited noxious weeds. There are 46 weeds designated prohibited noxious, and those found in the County of Wetaskiwin include Orange and Meadow Hawkweed. 

Noxious Weed are plants designated in accordance with the Weed Control Act and includes the plant’s seeds. There are 29 weeds designated as noxious, and those found in the County of Wetaskiwin include Tall Buttercup, Scentless Chamomile (Mayweed), White Cockle, Oxeye Daisy, Field Scabious, Perennial Sow Thistle, Leafy Spurge, Common Tansy, Canada Thistle and Yellow Toadflax. 

What authority does a Weed Inspector have?

An Inspector has the authority, under the Weed Control Act, to perform duties which include inspecting private land and property, but not dwellings or barns unless invited by the landowner.  

How does a Weed Inspector get access to private property?

Section 12 of the Weed Control Act explains an Inspector’s rights as follows: 

Entry and inspection power 

12(1) An inspector may enter land or inspect land or personal property at a reasonable time 

a) To monitor compliance with this Act, including making inquiries, taking samples, or performing tests. 

What is the difference between a Weed Inspection Report and a Weed Notice?

A Weed Inspection Report is a document used by the County of Wetaskiwin to inform the landowner that they have Prohibited Noxious or Noxious Weeds on their property that should be eradicated or controlled. This report along with a weed fact sheet, herbicide application directory, herbicide controls for weeds and County equipment rental information sheets are sent to the landowner. 

A Weed Notice is a legal document that is issued to landowners when they do not control their Noxious or eradicate their Prohibited Noxious Weeds. When a Weed Notice is received the instructions of the Weed Notice must be followed by the date specified on the notice. Failure to comply with a Weed Notice by the specified date allows the County or its Contractor to perform the necessary control measures, at the landowner’s expense.  

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