Tips for Families

Keep you and your family healthy during COVID-19

1. Limit TV and social media 
There are often incorrect or fabricated pieces of information that are circulated via social media and news reports. Stay informed of the facts through trust media sources such as Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services. Guard yourself against unhealthy speculation, gossip and preoccupation with the situation.

2. Talking about the event 
Debriefing with other adults about what is happening and getting support to help you with your strong emotions is a healthy way of coping, self-care and building your resilience.

3. Strength of routines 
Sticking to schedules and established routines helps everyone in the family return to normal and stay on track. Predicable routines help all family members anticipate and plan their days.

4. Taking time for self 
Being exposed to others distress can deplete your own reserves. In providing care and support to others, remember to take the time to care for yourself.

5. Connecting with others 
Connecting with those that are important in your life helps you to feel supported and safe. It is key to our mental health and sense of belonging to reach out to others.

6. Distractions 
Minimize the amount of time spent thinking about the negative aspects of the situation as that often leads to feelings of helplessness and despair. It is helpful to engage in activities that distract your attention away from the event.