Proposed Changes to Land Use Bylaw

On April 12, 2018, Council approved Bylaw 2017/48, also known as the Land Use Bylaw. Since approval the Land Use Bylaw Committee has deemed it necessary to make several amendments. Some of these amendments are minor and can be made by administration through simple text or word changes other amendments are more substantive and have undergone significant discussion and review by the Committee. Please note that the County of Wetaskiwin’s Policy Numbers have been changed, and that these changes are reflected in the proposed amendments. Additionally, both Metric and Imperial units are included in the Bylaw. 

A general amendment to the Bylaw has been advised by the Alberta Safety Codes Council regarding setback standards. As a result of fire occurrences involving multiple residences in recent years, the Alberta Safety Codes Council has directed that there be greater setbacks from property lines and buildings. Historically, the standard side-yard setback from property lines to structures was 1.5 metres or 5 feet. With the direction from the Safety Codes Council, this standard has now been increased to 2.44 metres or 8 feet. These amendments have been made within the appropriate districts listed within the Land Use Bylaw. 

A copy of the Land Use Bylaw, which includes the highlighted proposed amendments, was provided for review by Council, with the overview of the proposed amendments in red text and strikethrough. Once Council had resolved to move forward with the proposed amendments they were referred to adjacent municipalities and Governing Agencies; their changes, along with other minor changes, are shown below in blue. 

Below is the draft Land Use Bylaw with amendments, internal and external comments on the proposed amendments, and a comment form that can be submitted to the Planning and Development Department which will be presented at the Public Hearing on Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 10:30 a.m.