Industry (Resource/Extraction) Agreements

Road Use Agreements are site specific and have specific clauses requiring these companies to provide dust control, road maintenance, signage, etc. to ensure safety of those residents living along the road.

Oil Companies/Land Agents must submit a letter of application to the Public Works Department for project approval and pay fees as per the Fees & Charges Bylaw, along with a detailed survey referencing sight line distances.

Once approved, permits must then be obtained from Roadata (888-830-7623) for pre-inspections prior to project commencement and post inspection upon project completion.

You may complete the Application for Road Use Agreement and submit for review by Public Works or for more information please contact the Public Works department at 780-361-6221.

Industry includes companies using County roads to access well sites, pipelines, seismic operations, integrity digs and soil hauls.

More Information

Concerns regarding damage to the roads caused by heavy traffic can be reported to the Protective Services Department 780-352-0005, or Public Works Department at 780-361-6221.