Area Structure Plan

An Area Structure Plan (ASP) is required for any proposed subdivision that will create 3 or more parcels. Using the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) (PDF), Policy and districting information available within the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) (PDF), an ASP will guide and direct specific land use, subdivision and development decisions. 

Application for Area Structure Plan (PDF) - This application with supporting materials must be provided to the County of Wetaskiwin Administration office. Full Payment must be received before the application process can be started.

Requirements of an Area Structure Plan (PDF) - An Area Structure Plan will not be deemed complete until all requirements have been met.

Approval of Application/Public Consultation
Once an Area Structure Plan has been deemed complete by Administration, the proposed plan will be referred to all required government departments, agencies and adjacent municipalities. 

Once responses have been received, a Public Hearing will be held. Prior to the  Hearing, notice of the proposed Plan will be provided to adjacent landowners and will be advertised in the local paper for 2 consecutive weeks as per Section 692 of the Municipal Government Act.