Recreational Vehicle Use

In early 2012 as a result of several Subdivision and Development Appeal Board hearings in which the board denied the use of recreational vehicles for residential purposes, Council began an information campaign to the Real Estate industry reminding them of the status of Recreational Vehicles and Park Models in relation to Residential Land districts to ensure prospective buyers were being provided with accurate information. In conjunction with the information campaign, Council began an extensive review of recreational vehicle use within the County.

Since the review began, the County has disseminated information to realtors and developers regarding authorized RV and Park Model use, held open houses, tasked an RV Committee to review and gather information on the issue into a report, held a public hearing, and sought legal advice regarding recommendations for change.


On April 28, 2015 Council provided the final two readings of Land Use By-law 2015/10 which is an amendment to the previous Land Use By-law 1995/54. 

If you have any questions regarding the Recreational Vehicle update, please contact Rod Hawken, Assistant CAO at 780-361-6225 or via email.

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