A subdivision is the process of dividing a parcel of land into two or more parcels so each will have its own legal title. Redistricting typically happens before a subdivision, if a change in land use is being proposed.

Subdivisions are processed in cooperation with West Central Planning Agency (WCPA). WCPA is an Agency formed by surrounding municipalities who cost share planning services.

West Central Planning Agency

#101, 5111 50th Avenue
Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 0S5
Phone: 780-352-2215
Fax: 780-352-2211

Subdivision Applications are submitted to WCPA. Once received, the Planner(s) review the application and bring recommendations to County Council, the Subdivision Approving Authority.


A condition of subdivision approval always includes the construction/upgrade of an approach (PDF) into the lot (parcel) being created and the remainder of the parcel. Approaches require 2 inspections from County personnel. The 1st inspection is a pre-site (prior to construction). The 2nd inspection is once the approach has been constructed.

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