Lost Dogs

Under the County of Wetaskiwin's Dog Control Bylaw Number 2017/35, any person in possession of a stray dog can notify and turn the dog over to Dog Control officers by calling 780-352-0005. Dog Control officers will pick up dogs Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30, excluding holidays subject to scheduling issues.

Veterinary Services

If a dog is found on the weekend within the County of Wetaskiwin (this excludes the Summer Villages, the town of Millet, and the City of Wetaskiwin), citizens will be given the option to take dogs that are found West of Highway 2 to Davis Veterinary Services or if dogs are found East of Highway 2 they can be taken to the Wetaskiwin Animal Clinic.

Impounded Dogs

Dogs impounded at either Veterinary Services are held for 10 days if they have identification such as a licence tag, a legible tattoo or a readable microchip with up-to-date contact information. Dogs without identification are held for 72 hours. After this hold period, if the dog is unclaimed, it is up to the Veterinarian's discretion if he/she will euthanize or put the dog up for adoption.

Steps for Your Search

As soon as you know your dog is lost, you should:
  • Call your surrounding Veterinary services and check to see if they have any dogs that match your descriptions. People often bring stray pets to their vet so make sure the vets in your area know what dog you are looking for and how to reach you.
  • Call the dog complaint line at 780-352-0005 to report your lost dog.
  • Double-check with members of your household to ensure no one has your dog or knows where it is.
  • Enlist the help of friends and family to extend your search through the neighbourhood. Ask them to carry cell phones, so they can contact you if they find your dog.
  • When your dog is found, help close the loop by contacting all the people you have reported it to.
  • Tattooed / microchipped dogs find their way home faster. If you have your dogs tattooed or microchipped, the chance of them finding their way home is dramatically increased. A tattoo/microchip tells people who may find your lost dog that the dog is not a stray and that they should turn the dog in. Tattoos / microchips connect people to their beloved pets because they allow us and the veterinarians to access important contact information that will help reunite you to your dog as soon as possible.