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RCMP Policing Priorities

  1. The RCMP is committed to preserving the peace, upholding the law and providing quality service in partnership with the communities it serves. The purpose of this brief, eight-question survey is to ensure the public has a say in what the RCMP priorities are for the region.

  2. Each year, RCMP from the Wetaskiwin, Thorsby, and Breton detachments establish policing priorities to ensure that, in addition to responding to calls for service, members focus on the policing issues identified by the public as being the most important. These priorities are determined based on the feedback the RCMP receives from the municipalities and communities they serve.

  3. The County of Wetaskiwin has partnered with the RCMP to conduct this brief survey to ensure that RCMP priorities align with those of the public. Information collected from this survey will be reviewed and considered by the RCMP and the County of Wetaskiwin.

  4. 2. In addition to responding to calls for service, please select three (3) policing priorities from the list below that you believe should be top policing priorities for the Wetaskiwin, Thorsby, and Breton RCMP in 2017.

  5. 4. Please select from the list below your priorities for County of Wetaskiwin Community Peace Officers (CPOs).

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