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County of Wetaskiwin Library Board: Library Survey 2017

  1. The County of Wetaskiwin Library Board kindly requests your valued feedback on the five libraries that the County provides funding for on an annual basis in collaboration with the Government of Alberta in order to further improve upon library services across the County for the citizens that we serve.

  2. 1. Do you currently utilize one or more library(s) within the County?*

  3. If yes, which library(s) do you visit? (Please Select All That Apply)

  4. 2. Are you aware that the Library Board funds the operations of (5) libraries (Millet Public Library, Wetaskiwin Public Library, Lakedell Area Community Library Society, Winfield Community Library, and Alder Flats/Buck Lake Library Society)?*

  5. 3. What service(s), if any, do you most enjoy at the library? (Please Select All That Apply)

  6. 4. What service(s), if any, would you like to see added to your library?

  7. 5. Are the library hours of operation and locations sufficient to meet your needs?*

  8. 6. Could we contact you for further information?*

  9. If yes, please provide the following information:

  10. 7. Please select the category below that best represents your gender?*

  11. 8. What is your age?*

  12. The County of Wetaskiwin Library Board Thanks You for Your Input

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