Nomination Day

Your nomination must be filed using Form 3 - Nomination Paper and Candidate's Acceptance.  Your nomination paper must be signed by at least five voters eligible to vote in the election in your Division.  The signatures collected must be of people who are residents in the municipality in your Division on the date of signing the nomination, and include the voter's name, address (street address or legal description of residence) and signature.

Once you have completed the nomination form, the next step is to ensure that you file the form on Nomination Day. Completed nomination forms can be filed with the returning officer between 10 am and 12 noon on Nomination Day, September 18, 2017.  Nomination forms must be hand delivered.  It is always a good idea to deliver your nomination form to the returning officer in person; however anyone may file your nomination paper on your behalf.  If you are unable to file your nomination paper yourself, ensure that the nomination paper is completed fully prior to Nomination Day. You, as the candidate, are responsible for ensuring that the nomination form is fully completed and meets the requirements for filing under section 27 of the Local Authorities Election Act. 

Withdrawing Nominations
Candidates may withdraw their nomination form within 24 hours from the close of nominations, provided the number of candidates nominated exceeds the number of positions for the office you are seeking.  If candidates choose to withdraw, they must provide written notice, in person, to the returning officer.

Late Filing of Nominations
The returning officer CANNOT accept nominations after 12 noon on Nomination Day.