Emergency Management

An emergency or disaster can occur anytime, anywhere. A tornado can touch down. Heavy rains can cause flash flooding or an accident could result in a major release of dangerous goods. Emergency Management Alberta makes sure that Alberta’s communities are prepared to respond to these and other disasters or emergencies.

Our Goals
The County of Wetaskiwin continues to look at different disaster services, planning techniques and ways to improve our Emergency Management to best help the citizens of the County of Wetaskiwin be better prepared for an emergency or disaster. The goal of the County is to provide a prompt and coordinated response to emergencies affecting the municipality.

Planning Is the Key
The Alberta government, municipalities, industry and other partners need to work out in advance exactly what to do to respond effectively to an emergency or disaster. Who should be notified? What resources should be called in? What roles should various people and organizations take? Where can people be sheltered if they can’t return to their homes right away?

These and many other questions and issues are covered in emergency plans developed by the Alberta government, municipalities and industry. The value of these plans is proven over and over again when disasters or emergencies arise. In Alberta, municipalities provide the first response to local emergencies and Emergency Management Alberta is there to help them if they request assistance. Learn more by visiting the Emergency Management Alberta Agency website.

Municipal Emergency Plan
The County of Wetaskiwin has a Municipal Emergency Plan that includes information for emergency situations such as dangerous goods spill, poison control, and oil field related incidents as well as many others. This plan includes the Hamlets within the County of Wetaskiwin as well as a partnership with the Town of Millet, and the City of Wetaskiwin. The County is working with the Summer Villages to include them in our Municipal Emergency Plan. If something happens in one municipality, it could have repercussions in the adjoining municipalities. It is our priority to work together with the adjoining municipalities to maintain a safety and security in the event of an emergency.